I Love You

She: “I love you so much. I love the way you sing to me when I am not able to sleep. I love how you touch me with your strong and rigid hands, yet always careful not to harm me. I don’t know from where do you get that softness in your hands- though you are such a tough guy !!”

He says nothing.

She: “I love how you always eat only after I had eaten. How you are so particular about my diet- it should be healthy and nutritious !! To be frank, I sometimes don’t like when you don’t allow me to eat my favorite burger and french fries. ”

With some effort, He chuckles a bit.

She (also smiling) : “I love how you come to me after returning from work and keep hugging and kissing me. I really adore the way you talk to me; how you relate the events of your day to me and keep doing the same every day even if I fall asleep in between.”

He is a little sad now.

She: “Also, I know how important I am for you when you introduce me to every friend of yours in such a charming way. I can see the clear delight in your eyes when you are with me. I know you love me the most in the world.”

His eyes have a hint of moisture now.

She: “But since the time you came back from the hospital that day, you are behaving completely different. You no longer hug me, kiss me, touch me, even talk to me much. You seem to be ignoring me. I am increasingly getting the feeling that you are not comfortable by my presence in your life. You have started hating me.”

He: “No, I don’t hate you sweetie. It’s just that you have become my weakness now.”

She: “But you used to always say that I am your strength !! How can you change so much ?? Have I done something wrong?? Please tell me, I am ready to do anything to get your love back.”

He (controlling his fumbling voice): “There is nothing which you can do now. I have made my decision. We have to part ways. My life has no space for you now.”

She is unable to speak. She is crying uncontrollably.

He (maintaining the firmness in his voice despite the tears coming out of his eyes): ” Whatever decision I have taken is for the good of both of us. You are too innocent to understand the intricacies of this world. This world is a cruel place. This society is full of people who will make life hell for us and especially for you, if we are together. There will also be a constant burden on me to ensure your well-being. There will always be a sense of insecurity and fear in my mind of losing you. So, its better that I loose you now.”

She: “But I can’t live without you. I will miss you so much. For me, you are everything.”

He couldn’t control his tears anymore and started crying.

She: “Please give me a chance. I promise I will never be a cause of burden and tension for you. Also, I will learn how to handle this world on my own. You don’t have to worry about anything. Infact, I will try to be your strength again. But I can do all this only if you are on my side. Without you I am nothing.”

He is still indecisive and says nothing.

She: “I think there is no point in forcing you to change your decision now. But I want you to know that I Love you very much and I will never forget you. Thanks for all the lovely moments you have given me to remember you by. I feel lucky that I can be a part of your life. You are a very good man. May God bless you with whatever you wish to have. Bye.”

He ¬†woke up sweating. This dream had shaken him from head to toe. He felt a sudden rage of anger and contempt rising inside his body. He thought,”What on earth was I gonna do? It was so wrong. I am a horrible person.” But then he realized he still had time. He looked at his wife sleeping next to him and how he had a fight with her over not going to the hospital tomorrow. Then his eyes shifted to the lump on her stomach. Immediately, he made a call to the hospital and cancelled the appointment with the doctor which they had for aborting the baby. Afterwards, he kissed the lump, being cautious not to disturb his wife from her sleep and whispered, ” I will always be with you now.” Inside her mother’s womb, She smiled.


Twenty-years later

She: “I qualified for the Indian Air Force pilot exam !! I will be flying a combat fighter plane soon. Yayy.. I am so excited. And guess what, I already requested them that I can take you to give a special ride over your favorite Himalayan ranges.”

He (extremely delighted) : ” I am so proud of you, beta. You are the best child anyone can ever have.”

She (hugging him): ” And you are the best father in the world. I love you.”