My Friend

Hi everyone!! This is a  simple and innocent poem depicting my feelings about the beautiful bond called friendship.I don’t know the alpha-beta-gamma of poetry..have just tried to  express myself in a somewhat rhythmic way ..enjoy reading 🙂5

I was staring at my Gtalk window when I noticed something peculiar,

There was a friend request at my screen that somehow sounded familiar.

I accepted the request & waited for some time; before I got a pop-up saying ‘Hi’,

With little hesitation I did proceed & the time thereafter went flying free.


You were different somehow; though a little shy & less to allow,

I found a humble and intelligent person; that lay beneath your face that was handsome.

I gradually shared everything with you and you became the best person I know,

You always made me forget all the pain; Happiness in my life began to rain.


4You made me feel stupid sometimes as you were more knowledgeable & sublime,

But you never stopped encouraging me and showed life is wonderful like a ‘Magic Tee’.

There were moments when I felt hurt and thought that this friendship is absurd,

But the thought of being away from you made me cry like a baby of two.


There is a thing that I can say for sure that you are a person, whom I adore,

You are my strength, my hope, my luck; I feel free with you like a moving duck.

I love you from the bottom of my heart; with no expectation, piously & without lust,

Our relation is exceptional and divine like a rose laid upon God’s shrine.


I don’t know how to thank you for what you have done,

Because without you; life wouldn’t have been so much fun.

You are the one, who offers me an arm when I am upset,

 My eyes go down when I see you with respect.


You are the guide who everyone craves ; a wine with the best of grapes,

I keep listening to you is what I pray & you keep listening to me till I have words to say.

This poem can go boundless with feelings & words; because I can write about you for hours & hours,

But as everything comes to an end sometimes; I sign off saying that we will be partners in crime.3


Time with you is & will be most memorable; with chapters of joy, sorrow, surprises depicting fables,

I want Lord to fulfil my only wish; that you be happy wherever you live.

May God give you loads of success & joy; and you be brave enough like the hero in ‘Troy’,