Intolerance in India

When I open up my Facebook page , I see many posts wherein people express their views about many events. At one end I feel happy that We as youth of this country are concerned about issues related to our country, religion and morals and are courageous enough to voice it openly on a social platform ( as opposed to the belief of Mr. Honey Singh who thinks that Indian youth just talk about party, sex and alcohol ). At the same time, I feel deeply disturbed by some posts which are totally illogical , posted without proper verification of facts and are specifically targeted  towards perpetuation of negativity and hatred. Since there are no algorithms yet to discover the correctness or intentions of posts before making them visible to the public ( would really love to work on this though !!), we have to be extremely careful in what we are reading and most importantly what we are getting influenced by.

Now coming to the main point which I want to talk about : Intolerance. Just a few days back, intolerance was just a normal word like any other word present in Oxford English Dictionary. But in the past few days, I bet you would have seen this word spoken and written almost everywhere and by everyone on this planet and people going to all extends to explain its rise in the Indian society and how living in India is the worst thing which can happen to you. Well I won’t be discussing about any of these issues because they had already been spoken about at length. Instead I want to mention a few points which according to me, WE as INDIANS should  definitely be INTOLERANT to :

  1. When women of all ages are being raped openly in broad daylight and the monsters ( YES rapist is a very lenient word !! ) roam freely to unleash their lust on another 2-3 year old kid.
  2. When politicians issue public statements justifying the actions of monsters saying that ” Ladko se Galti ho jaati hai ” and ” Ladkiyon ko maryaada me rehna chahiye” and crowing them as public heroes.
  3. When an honest IAS officer is murdered brutally and all we can do is express sympathy , criticize the Indian SYSTEM and then resume our normal operations.
  4. When a candidate who has scored in negative in a competitive exam is  given admission at the cost of a deserving candidate just based on the family name he/she was born with and to make matters worse lands up getting a government job directly mocking the merit of a  person who is desperately struggling to get employed.
  5. When a bunch of inhumans misuse your RELIGION to cover up their cowardly actions of killing fellow brothers and sisters ( And I am talking about all incidents irrespective of religion) and defame it by passing statements which we all know are pure BULLSHIT.
  6. When you become so critical of the government that you start opposing each and every action taken by it and thinking very little of what can be your contribution to the betterment of the nation. Instead you run abroad and take a safer alternative ( Can’t use the word SAFE anymore for any country in the world !!)
  7. Last and the most dangerous one, when you start judging people based on what religion or color or caste or state  he/she belongs to and completely ignore other important qualities of the person like his/her knowledge, sense of humor , compassion and attitude towards life.

At this point, I would like to discuss RELIGION. It has become the nerve which you prick to offend someone and a tool by which you can easily hurt the sentiments of others.  The concept of religion may be different for different people and each one of us may chose to respect or disrespect it in our own ways. For some it gives faith at strong times, for others it provides moral guidelines to chose between right and wrong, while it gives some a sense of purpose for their existence in the universe. For some sections of the people, religion is utter nonsense and doesn’t mean anything.Personally I feel that religion is a private affair between me and my God. Yes I can talk about it with others if I wish to but I don’t have the right to force my own views of religion on others and dictate others to follow the same path . Each person should be given this much privacy and freedom. I think all of us are at a stage in life where we are logical enough to know that NO religion in the world can teach you to kill fellow human beings and spread hatred. Also, I would like to say that absolutely NO ONE in this world (Yes not even God!!) deserves importance more than your basic needs like food, water, clothing and education which are far more essential for survival.

The human mind has capability to tune into negative frequencies pretty easily. But , we must all know that hope is the strongest element which can help achieve the impossible. What we need at this point is to IMMEDIATELY STOP people, groups and media who we know are deliberately giving communal colors to every event happening in the country and trying to portray our country as Hell as described in Dante’s Inferno. I agree We as a nation are not perfect and we DO have many drawbacks , but the end of the day we must realize that it is WE who represent India and WE have the responsibility to make it better.Please try to SEE the POSITIVE developments around you and highlight those.Let us resolve to be collectively intolerant to events which try to demolish our nation and divide us on the basis of religion, state or caste. Love yourself and the people around you because in the end these are the things which define who you really are !!

Cheers 🙂




17 thoughts on “Intolerance in India

  1. You are mistaken almost every religion in the world can teach you to
    discriminate and kill if you allow it to
    Religion was our tribal survival mechanism , its what seperated us from the heathen ( the other ).
    It gave us status, put us on a pedestal above infidels.
    Read the posts on this and other sites it still does just that for many fundamentlists.


    • Thanks a lot sweety 🙂 ..yeah our discussion finally served as the spark which was required to fire up the anguished writer/Indian in me 😛 Will definitely try to keep writing if IIT permits us spare time 😉


  2. Ya you are absolutely right!!!!! You have very good sense of thinking…… I can surely say that if everyone should think like this then no more India will suffer from any type of problem rather we will be moving one step closer for being a developed nation……But this is not the mindset of everyone….. So there is a lot to think in this concern where people are educated by degree but having a 0 %understanding about others and the nation…….Thankyou for your suggestion and I am looking forward to have more enthusiastic concerns in this concern!!!!!!!!


    • Thanks a lot Pushker 🙂 Your comments are really encouraging both for me personally and moreover the fact that after reading the post you had some positive impact.Yeah we do need to change our perspective which really is the differentiating factor between right and wrong, positive and negative.


  3. Such a wonderful piece of writing, that too your own thoughts on such an important and alarming issue without watching any TV debate or without reading any newspaper. In between your very very busy schedule of placements and project work and exams, finding time and writing such thought provoking blog is really a commendable and unimaginable job.
    So we deserve to your proud parents. Keep writing. All the best. Love you very much.
    ……………….Papa & Mummi


  4. “absolutely NO ONE in this world (Yes not even God!!) deserves importance more than your basic needs like food, water, clothing and education which are far more essential for survival.”
    Couldn’t agree more on this point
    Keep up the good writing Disha:-)


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