Hello everyone !! As you know I had covered my experiences of IISc CEDT , IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, BARC OCES/DGFS and IIT Bombay RA  till now.If you are new to this page click on specific names to read the respective posts .Also, I mentioned some important do’s and don’t and addressed some basic doubts as part of my Introduction post. You can have a look at it here ; this will also serve as a reminder to my GATE details and courses I applied to. Finally, after almost two months of incessant travelling covering different directions in the Indian map and giving written tests and interviews to about 20-30 professors, I got the below admission offers :

  1. IIT Delhi – Computer Technology ( EE Dept.)
  2. IIT Delhi – Telecom Technology & Management ( Bharti School of Telecom)
  3. IIT Kanpur – Microelectronics , VLSI and Display Technology ( EE Dept.)
  4. IIT Kharagpur – Visual Information & Embedded Systems Engg.- VIPES ( EC&E Dept.)
  5. IIT Bombay – MTech + PhD dual degree in Microelectronics( EE Dept.)

Some info not shared till now:

  • IIT Kharagpur offered me direct admission based on my GATE score. In the first list which came out on 15th March, I got RF and Microwave (my fourth preference).In the second list (30th May), I was offered VIPES which was my second preference.I immediately locked my choice(without upgradation) as I had heard from seniors that VIPES was better than VLSI ( which was my first choice ) at IITkgp. Also, VIPES matched my interests in image processing,embedded systems and computer networks ; so I felt it very convenient and desirable.
  • I got no admission offer from IIT Madras 😦 The selection was based on direct GATE score. Unfortunately, my score was a little low for my preferences and my category ( people with AIR of 50 also didn’t get their 1st and 2nd choices in general category).I would like to mention here that I didn’t apply for TI sponsored MS program at IIT Madras as I had no idea about it. I came to know later that it is one of the best programs for people interested in Analog. For more details click here.
  • The interview dates for IISc Research Program ( MSc Engg. + PhD ) were clashing with my BARC and IITB interviews ( 4th and 5th June). So, I was not able to attend it.

Phew !! So now was the time to make choices and to take decisions which will alter my future. Where will I spend the next two years of my life?? Well, this decision was not easy as I had thought previously.Dual degree was clearly out of my mind as I was in no mood to risk five years when I was not sure whether I want to do PhD or not.The rest four choices were pretty confusing.I had to burn my grey cells, have long chats with my parents,introspect on what I really want ( that’s pretty hard 🙂 ) and add extra digits to my internet and phone bills to finally arrive at a conclusion.I decided to join Computer Technology at IITD. It provided a perfect combo for my interests and future aspirations. It provided me a unique blend of hardware and software which I have always loved ; which at the same time increased my research as well as placement scope 🙂

So friends !! This was all from my side. I shared my experiences and some tips and tricks to be followed Post GATE. As promised, I am providing you with some links which I referred when I was in the same phase as you are now. Keeping in view the continuous requests pouring from students, I have decided to write a post on GATE preparation as well( click here to read the post on GATE preparation). So, tune your browser’s bookmarks to my blog’s frequency and keep visiting 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts and it was useful to you in one way or the other. Please feel free to share your feedback and ask me any of nanoscale doubts in your mind. I will try my level best to reply to your comments and help you in every possible way. Last but not the least , don’t forget to follow this blog,share with your friends and read other amazing posts present here 😉

Links for Interview Experiences: ( GATE 2013 cutoff of all institutes )

Links for Interview Preparation: ( Some very good questions with explanations for Digital electronics. Will also help you clarify your concepts ) ( Digital questions ) ( Open in Mozilla or IE )

Thanks for reading 🙂 Have a nice day and as I always say Live Life King-size  🙂


22 thoughts on “Conclusion

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  2. Very well written conclusion. Congrats ! Hope that this will help others a lot. I am amazed with your memory to describe the questions asked in each interview you faced.


    • Thanks papa 🙂 Yeah I have a good memory in this respect 😉 Actually I had decided to share my experiences in the beginning itself, so that factor also provided me with the required stimulus to enhance my memory 🙂


  3. At last you have concluded the interviews, written tests and other experiences at various institutes . congratulations for your interesting writings. It will be beneficial for others , especially this post.


  4. You have done a great job. To see you at this level helping others, while you were at the other end at one point in time. i love your writing and specially understanding the pain areas for GATE aspirant and helping them in very special way through your post and article. Also i would like to thank you for being my mentor in analysing my potential and guiding me all through. Thanks for helping me and thousands of others for allowing to be a part of this amazing journey of yours which was indeed very difficult and full of struggle. I wish you all the very best. You will go a long long way in your career to be very successful god bless. 🙂


  5. Hi Disha
    Thank you for the GATE related posts. They were very helpful.
    I had appeared in GATE 2016 in EC (AIR 467) and now, I have the following 2 admission offers in hand –
    1. M Tech in DESE at IISc Bangalore.
    2. M Tech in SPCOM at IIT Kanpur.

    My goal is to work in core company in EC, with a good package. I would like to know how the placement scenario in both these institutions.

    Thanks in advance !!



    • Hey Jagannath, glad you liked my posts 🙂
      First of all, I want to congratulate you for the admission offers you have got.I think the choice is pretty simple based on your interest in VLSI or Communication. If you don’t have a specific interest or equally interested in both and placement is your primary concern then I would suggest you take up MTech in DESE. As far as placement packages are concerned, they are the highest for computer science related branches.However, both in VLSI and Communication, you have few companies which will pay you pretty well. Notable among them being Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Intel and Cisco.I know through my friends that the placement in DESE/CEDT is pretty well. I am not really sure of the placement at SPCOM. At the end, I will advice you to go with your interest rather than thinking more about placement. There is a scope in every field if you are good.All the best !!


  6. Hi Disha,
    Thank you for writing GATE related articles. I found them very helpful.

    I had appeared in GATE 2016 in EC and now, I have 2 admission offers in hand –
    1. M Tech in DESE at IISc Bangalore
    2. M Tech in SPCOM at IIT Kanpur

    How would you compare the research and placement opportunities in both these institutions ?


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  8. Thanks for sharing your experience.These posts have almost everything I was searching for past 2 days.I just wish I had stumbled upon this a bit earlier.


  9. Hello,

    Really helpful blog and very handy too. I read all the articles during my post-GATE journey. I have two offers now:
    1. IIT Delhi : IEC
    2. IIT Bombay RA: Microelectronics

    What would you suggest to be better? Given that the specializations are almost similar and I require to spend one extra year doing M.Tech for RA. As of now, I do not intend to do PhD., or go into research.
    Also, what are the merits of doing RA? Do RA have an upper hand in placements given they have more practical exposure ?

    Thank you.


    • From the knowledge which I have, RA program of IITB is pretty good. One extra year helps not only learn better but also gives you added advantage especially if you are wishing to pursue research. If you don’tmind an extra year, I will recommend 2. All the best !


  10. i got SPcomm at iit kanpur and VIPES at iit kgp. Which one i have to choose with respect to placement?
    thank you


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