BARC OCES/DGFS Interview Experience

Next in line was the interview for Bhabha Atomic Research Center at Mumbai. I had booked my slot on 4th June at 11 am.Since I had to attend the IIT Bombay RA interviews also on 5th & 6th June, I decided to directly go to IITB Hostel when I landed in Mumbai on 3rd. I boarded a prepaid taxi from IITB Main gate next morning and made my way to BARC Training Schools.Till this time, results of IITk, IITd and IITkgp were out and I had four admission offers in hand. As a result of this, I didn’t write the ISRO exam on 24th May and also was pretty much relaxed in my preparations for BARC interview. I spent many hours on net to find experiences of people having faced interview in the field of Electronics.I found some links describing their respective experiences in Electrical & Mechanical streams; but my search didn’t fetch me even a single result in Electronics.


After verification of my documents I was sent to the 11th floor of Student’s Hostel where the interviews were being conducted ( We were also given a tea coupon 🙂 ).There were three panels.My turn came after 2-3 hours of waiting at around 4 pm.My panel consisted of four people.They asked for my documents and one of the panelist started going through my certificates and resume.The other panelist had a little introductory talk with me to make me feel comfortable.He congratulated me on being selected for IITD ( DGFS applicants had to fill this information). After that, he asked me to write five subjects which I would like to be interviewed in.I wrote Networks,Communications,Digital,Analog and Signals & Systems.The questions asked by them were:

  • Design a circuit to measure the frequency of an input wave.
  • I realized it using flip-flops; then they asked me to realize the same functionality using only passive elements.I thought for a while and then used RC low pass filter ( charging and discharging of capacitor concept – time period measurement).
  • They asked to do the same with LC elements only.
  • A BJT circuit was given. Was asked to find its gain.
  • What is Mealy and Moore machine? Which one is used when?
  • Setup time and hold time definitions.What will happen if they are violated in a circuit?
  • What is pitch? How will you define it in terms of frequency?
  • A wave in time domain was given and I was asked to find the frequency components in it. The wave was exhibiting half wave symmetry, so it I replied that it will possess only odd harmonics.Later, they changed the wave shape and asked the same question.
  • They asked about my BE final year project.
  • They asked about my work experience and we had a healthy discussion on spectrum allocation and its future in India.
  • Some basic questions related to Wi-Fi ,4G, bandwidth,white spaces,etc.

The interview lasted for about 40 mins which was obviously less to guarantee my selection (Normally, interviews going above 1 hour are considered good enough to get a white slip ).The panelists were very helpful and knowledgeable. They provided me hints wherever possible and tried to boost my moral by asking me questions in areas I was comfortable in whenever I felt nervous.Most of the questions were practical oriented and were based on design.They will test your concepts very deeply;so you need to be crystal clear in your concepts. I will advice you to prepare 3-4 subjects nicely before facing the interview.


  • You will be posted as Scientist “C’ and will be working for DAE ( Department of Atomic Energy) which is one of the most prestigious agencies in India.You will get a Central Govt. job ( which will make your parents very happy 🙂 ) and your life will be settled.
  • You will enjoy all the luxury available to a Sarkari Babu 🙂 (I need not mention the advantages –  adequate pay scales with minimal work load, sufficient time for your family and friends, pension,quarter in the campus,TA’s,conveyance,etc.)
  • If selected in DGFS, you have the opportunity to complete your MTech  from IIT’s (only selected courses) and then join BARC again after completion of MTech.
  • India is one of the very few countries in the world to be a nuclear superpower and you can rejoice on being contributing in its advancement 🙂


  • If you want a high paced growth in your career and are willing to exert yourself and take up new challenges , you might not find this job interesting. You will be promoted in a fixed span of time, neither early nor late ; which will have little to do with your performance ( You might lament later on seeing your friend drive a BMW when you own a Wagon R 😛 )
  • The research and projects related to Electronics in BARC are not so good. It is generally considered to an excellent place for Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical people as far as level of work is concerned.
  • You might get your final posting anywhere out of Mumbai, Chennai, Indore and Hyderabad. Only Indore is good for Electronics projects (as heard from employees).Also, there is too much dependency on the team you get to work and your place of posting which may brighten or ruin your chances to do a sponsored MTech later.
  • If you want to switch your job in future, the scope for you will be very limited.You either had to join some PSU ( very difficult chances as they won’t encourage your movement out of BARC) or adopt a different stream altogether like MBA or Civils.

Despite all things being said till now, the prospect of joining BARC is indeed lucrative and I suggest all of you should give it a try once; if not to work there but atleast to have a wonderful interview experience.The satisfaction of working for your nation and contributing in its development is the most important in a person’s life and BARC offers you the perfect platform to make your dreams come true. In the coming post , I will describe my experiences in IIT Bombay.Till then Keep rocking !! Jai Hind !!


11 thoughts on “BARC OCES/DGFS Interview Experience

  1. Good. Description of the interview in detail will be beneficial for many. It is presented well , simple and easy to plan accordingly. It is helpful.


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