IISc CEDT(DESE) written test and interview Experience

Hi everyone, This post is a continuation of my Introduction post where I mentioned some preparation techniques and do’s and don’t required before and after GATE. Those of you who missed it,can read it here.In this post, I will share my experiences at IISc,Bangalore. IISc was the first to make a written test/interview offer to me which came as a pleasant surprise as I had no hopes of being shortlisted for the written test. I had heard that they call only top 100 students but luckily the cutoff for general category was 850,so I made through.Around 600 people from four streams( EC,CS,IN,EE) were called for the written test which was scheduled on 21st April, 2014. CEDT(now DESE) was the only course (among the ones I applied) which conducts written test/interview for selection of candidates.Β All other courses offering ME take admission directly based on GATE score; which meant there was no hope for me( As heard later, admissions were closed up to AIR 50 for General Category 😦 ).Before reaching Bangalore, I had done some homework in gathering some feedback about IISc ; most of which had a negative impact on me.It was suited only for research, there was not much emphasis on placements ( some IISc alumini on Quora even said that there was no T&P Cell ), there was no culture for fests and the interaction among students/faculty was very weak, professors tend to pressurize the students to do PhD,etc.With all these preoccupations in mind, I reached the campus on 21st morning 7 am.The written exam was scheduled to start from 9 am. I had my breakfast in the Institute canteen ( cheapest Idli I had so far in my life πŸ™‚ ) and took a seat in the hall which was the venue for the written test.

Written Test:

The test was of 90 mins duration consisting of 1 mark, 2 marks and 3 marks questions.One mark questions were fill in the blank or one word type questions and the rest were mostly numericals with some questions which required us to draw plots and diagrams.I don’t remember the questions exactly ; but the few I do are presented below:

  1. Draw top view,front view & side view of a cup lying on a table.
  2. A question to calculate force acting on the center of a wheel with spikes.
  3. A C Program to convert 8 bit data to 16 bit using a microcontroller.
  4. Some questions based on Nyquist Sampling and Shannon coding.
  5. Design a constant current circuit using BJT.
  6. Question on calculation of offset voltage of OPAMP given its variation with temperature.
  7. Simple question on CE Amplifier gain calculation.
  8. Some very simple questions on digital circuit design and microprocessors.

My paper was not as bad as I had expected it to be.The results came out in the evening of the same day and guess what I was one of the 150 candidates shortlisted for the interviews !!This was a huge shock for me and I was happy that atleast I will tell my parents that I faced the interview :). Each candidate was allotted a panel and given a slot of 20 mins. My interview was the on 22nd April at 4 pm.


I hardly got 4-5 hours to prepare for the interview which I utilized in going through my BE project reports. I had completely forgotten about them in my two years of job.I hadn’t touched a single page of my GATE material or any book and so I was quite nervous to face the interviewers.I heard from my seniors that the interviewers were asking three subjects which we would like to be interviewed in.Clearly,they were all experts in Analog and I was not so confident in it, so I decided to say Communication,Digital and Microprocessor as my subjects. There were three professors in my panel. As soon as I entered one of them shouted to one of the office boys to bring him a cup of tea.They asked about my GATE score,my subjects and a little about my job. The questions were:

  • An OPAMP integrator was given with square wave as input ranging from 0-5 V , asked to draw the output.
  • Input changed to -5V to +5V with the same circuit, output was asked.Later he went deeper into saturation which confused me further on output voltage level values.
  • A circuit with combinational and sequential elements with setup time,hold time,propagation delay of each element given. A input wave was given,asked to plot the output wave.
  • Design of a simple Mod-6 synchronous and asynchronous counter using D and JK F/F.
  • Role of cache.

Quite unexpected,the first question was from OPAMP (analog).Within my mind I thought,”Why did you ask me my three subjects when you had to ask from your’s?”. Anyhow I answered this question correctly but with little confidence ( result of not being in practice after GATE) .The professor saw this and took advantage of my situation to prey a little more on me.He popped up the 2nd question and went to the extreme depths Β which was sufficient to confuse me. This professor then left; both annoyed by my answers and not receiving his tea till now. This made me more nervous and I knew this was my end. The other proff. then asked me 3-4 questions on digital which I thought was more of an attempt to boost my confidence rather than judging me for selection.Results were out in about 15 days and clearly I was not selected ( about 26 were selected).

About CEDT:Β CEDT ( now DESE ) stands for Center for Electronics Design & Technology.Contrary to my notions, after my interaction with the students at IISc who were in this program and others, I came to know how good an opportunity I missed by not taking this interview seriously.For all those who are interested in Electronics Systems Design,this is one of the best courses in the country both from research and placement point of view.You will get an opportunity to learn a lot by doing stuff practically and from one of the best faculty in this field. Among all other ME branches of IISc; this one has the best placement record and MTech passouts from this course have huge demand in the industry.


  • If you want to do research, IISc is heaven for you.The peaceful campus, brilliant faculty, excellent labs provide just the right stimulants for your work.
  • For those who are interested in doing PhD from abroad,you will get excellent references as the professors are reputed internationally.
  • The companies coming for placements on-campus are coming only for you ( i.e, there are no BTech students to compete with you).This gives you ample opportunities. Even if you are not placed on-campus, being in Bangalore you can get an off-campus job easily ( especially if you are in CEDT).
  • Hostel rooms are good and food is also convenient.


  • There is no internet facility in the rooms 😦 This was a major upset for me as I can’t stay in the lab all day and night and internet is the basic necessity.
  • If you love interacting with people,taking part in fests,participating in extra curricular activities then this is not the best place for you.
  • I found the communication skills of the students and professors a little weak.( This is hardly a con ; more of my observation).
  • You will miss the fun of being an IIT student πŸ™‚

P.S. The observations and views expressed above are solely mine ( OK some of them are borrowed πŸ˜› ).I will be mentioning questions and views related to my field only ( EC) ; though students of other branches are also encouraged to read in order to get a general idea about the interviews and institutes.

You can have a look at the below links for more interview experiences of IISc CEDT:




I enjoyed my stay in Bangalore a lot. Thanks to my old friends and some new friends made in the process :).In the next post, I will be discussing about my IIT Kanpur interview.I will be happy to hear from you and clear your doubts as much as possible πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “IISc CEDT(DESE) written test and interview Experience

  1. I would like to know the insights of your job+preparation time coz i am also on the same page.
    It will be very helpful to most of the candidates like us.
    Hope you will write soon coz it is July and there is hardly 7 months left for the exam.


    • Hi Apporva !! I would surely write about it soon.I am first concentrating on finishing my interview experiences.Once I am done with it,I will try my best to put up all the preparation tips I can to help you guys.Preparing with job is difficult but not impossible.Try to prioritize your work.Keep some e-books on your ofifce desktop and study them whenever you get time.Avoid distractions.Remember if you work hard now, you can enjoy later.There will be many people to discourage you but always be mentally strong and believe in yourself. My best wishes are with you πŸ™‚


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  3. A good one again. Enough for many to be an iitian rather than an iiscian. All the best. Try to feel the taste of those cheapest idlis at other places also.


  4. Good, helpful and well presented. Experiences at different places make you strong and evaluate yourselves. It always enhance the inner mental strength and independence.


  5. Yes mummy. I strongly agree with you. Experiences whether good or bad are very important from learning point of view. Based on them we get appropriate direction in our future endeavors.Also, they help gain confidence and strength as you said.


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  8. your experience was really very helpful for me !! this one and all the other blogs are very well written.. πŸ™‚ BTW how did you come to know about the DESE results ? did they send you any email or they displayed on the website ? its been more than 15 days now and there have been no announcements from their part..


    • Hi Saurabh..thanks a lot ..happy u like the blog πŸ™‚ Yeah they don’t display the results anywhere I guess..If you are selected they will let you know by sending a mail or something..the only way to know if u r nt selected is to contact ur frnds n ask if they get a mail or not


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